S ExitwoundZ - Clan Rules


The following clan rules will carry over to all divisions of ExitwoundZ. Members who consistently do not abide by these rules will ultimately be removed from the clan.
At ExitwoundZ, we take our name serious. We strive at keeping a good reputation and enjoy having good clean fun.

Age Requirements:
The age requirement is not necessary to be under the "Clan Rules" but it will be stated. ExitwoundZ will be running a tight clan ship. Members will be required to be a minimum age of 18+ with maturity. If a member is showing consistent signs of immaturity, removal from the clan is likely to happen. We do not want to be required to babysit our members.

No Racism / Discrimination
Derogatory or slanderous language towards race or gender will not be tolerated. Members who perform these actions will be spoken to. If the member fails to clean up his attitude, it will ultimately lead to the removal of the clan. Members performing this in Public Servers will be immediately removed if they have been warned.

No Team Killing
Whether the clan is playing Battlefield 3, Infestation or another PVP Based Game, Team Killing will not be tolerated. We understand accidents happen. If this is done jokingly, and the member is becoming upset of your actions, you will be spoken to. Failure to stop and rectify the situation will end up in the result of removal from the clan.

Respect All Members
Respect for all members is crucial. We all enjoy playing games and we are entitled to be a mature community. If you have an issue about a member, instead of causing grief or issues, please approach a higher ranked member to state the issue. Please always respect everyone. Personal issues arise and if you cannot confront the issue, please feel free to resign from the clan. We do not want excessive commotion on TeamSpeak.

No Hacking / Cheating
Using third party hacks, (ie: aimbots, wallhacks, radars) will not be tolerated. ExitwoundZ runs a 100% compliance when it comes to cheating. If you are found cheating, you will be permanently banned from TeamSpeak3 immediately. You will lose access to all servers and any donation fees submitted WILL NOT be refunded. If you are found cheating, and evidence has been taken against you, we will gladly submit it to the correct party to have your account penalized in whichever game you are playing.

No Stealing / Greediness
In Infestation: Survivor Stories, stealing of clan mates loot will not be tolerated. It will result in an immediately removal from the clan. Greediness over kills and loot from kills will not be tolerated either. We are a community and we all deserve to share the loot like adults. Please do your best to share everything evenly.

Do Not Give Out Passwords
Do not give out Passwords to anyone for the Game Servers, TeamSpeaks, Forums, etc. These areas are for members only. Only higher rank clan members will be the ones able to provide passwords to members. If you are unsure about your status for providing passwords, please do not give them out.

Microphone / TeamSpeak 3
All members are expect to have a Microphone and TeamSpeak3 if they wish to participate in PVP Events, Clan Events, etc.
Sub-channels have been created for miscellaneous games. Please use the appropriate channel for the game you are playing to keep TeamSpeak3 organized.

Remember, the General's of the clan, [IE: Clan Leaders], always have the final say in all cases. If you have been disciplined by a lower rank members, feel free to submit an appeal case on the forums. If you have been disciplined by a General, please do not bother appealing as the consequences will be firm and will not be overturned. Arguing with an admin in a GameServer will result in a removal from the GameServer immediately to restore the atmosphere.