Thinking about joining ExitwoundZ?

Application Guidelines

Thank You for your interest in applying for membership into ExitwoundZ!

ExitwoundZ is a multi-gaming community who will be primarily focusing in InfectZ, Battlefield Series, H1Z1 & Rainbow Six Siege upon launch. We also take interest in many other games. Our clan has structured military ranks where everyone can be promoted as time moves on. We are always recruiting at all times.

We do NOT tolerate cheating of any kind. If you cheat, do not apply. We are looking for people who are dependable and representable to our clan's names. We do NOT tolerate flaming or harassment to other individuals. All members must be treated with respect.

Members must have a microphone to join and have the ability to obtain TeamSpeak3.

Joining Process:

    1. Signup on the forums and submit this application.
    2. Age requirement of 18+ (Negotiable if Mature.)
    3. Join TeamSpeak when playing.
    4. Be active on the Forums and Server.
    5. Relax and have fun!
If you have any other questions feel free to email us.

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